Tradeshow Tips

GarageWorks will be exhibiting at this year’s IDA Expo, so be sure to stop by our booth!

GarageWorks Booth

As a part of our tradeshow preparation, we’d like to share a few tips and tricks we use before, during, and after our shows to maximize the experience.


  • Make sure your booth is eye-catching, clean, and ready to ship
  • Compile a selection of products to display at the show
  • Figure out a way to manage contacts and data gathered at the show
  • Gather any marketing materials you want to hand out at the show, such as brochures and business cards
  • Create a video display to catch attention
  • Promote your booth to your email contacts and on social media
  • Invite customers and prospects to visit your booth by offering free trade show event passes if available.
  • Double check your company info and contacts are correct in any official trade show programs, brochures and online listings.
  • Take advantage of any free supplemental marketing opportunities offered by the trade show, like submitting photos for new product showcases and free demos.


  • Set up your booth so it is welcoming and inviting to those walking by. Entice them to stay a while and learn about your company.
  • Be personable and greet your visitors! Say hi to everyone who comes to your booth.
  • Scan nametags if you have a badge scanner
  • Collect business cards and take notes on potential new customers and existing customers
  • Try to educate the people you talk with rather than sell them something
  • Listen 80 percent of the time and talk 20 percent of the time
  • Offer giveaways, candy, food, or some sort of prize for those who give you information
  • Keep your booth area tidy
  • Be sure to find any trade show publication reps (especially those with whom you advertise) in person at the show and introduce yourself. This could be an excellent opportunity for free editorial coverage.
  • Be social! Attend luncheons, dinners, and mixers to extend your networking.


  • Follow up! Call or email every person you talked to at the show
  • Create a list of contacts and send them a Thank You email
  • Be specific with the notes you took at the show and be sure to reach back out with the information that was requested and discussed.
  • Schedule any necessary sales calls