About Us

American Made Steel Landscape Products

From SteelWorks to GarageWorks: Servicing the Garage Door Industry since 2006

Early in 2004, our parent company, called The SteelWorks Corporation, started manufacturing a perforated angle product for a local garage door distribution company. This was a natural extension of the slotted angle and miscellaneous metals we sold nationally through hardware stores and big box retailers. Over the next two years, we started manufacturing a variety of perforated angle thicknesses and sizes.

With the sale of the “SteelWorks” name in January of 2006, we became GarageWorks Steel, A Division of Acme Manufacturing. We also began manufacturing strut in January of 2006. We increased our sales team, production, and warehousing capabilities, and began shipping nationally and internationally.

Over the course of the past 15 years, GarageWorks Steel has grown exponentially. We work with a number of OEMs and large distribution networks as well as many of the loyal customers who helped us build this business.