Prepare Your Garage for Spring

Prepare Your Garage for Spring


Neglecting regular maintenance and cleaning of your garage through winter can leave you with a broken system by summer! Your residential garage door can take a beating during the winter months. The wind, snow, ice and rapid expansion of heat from the sun and cold nights can cause issues for your door operator and garage door support system.


Spring Cleaning

How to clean the outside of your garage

As the holidays pass, we realize how quickly the garage door and garage can build up dust, dirt, and grime. Built-up residue and dirt can cause issues in the garage door’s tracks. Ensure your garage door lasts as long as possible by cleaning inside and outside the door and keeping your space organized.

  • Clean the garage door: The exterior door paint will last longer with a regular cleaning! Wash the door with a bucket of dish soap from the top down and rinse with water. This can be repeated on the interior of the door
  • Take inventory of your items: Take inventory of all the items in your garage. This inventory is divided into keep, sell, donate and throw away. Turn it into a family event and organize your neighborhood for a garage sale weekend!
  • Organize the garage space: Create zones for each category of items you have. Consider zones like gardening tools, sports equipment and auto equipment. Label any containers to speed up access to the correct items. Keep the frequently used items in the most accessible locations

Check Your Door Performance

Maintenance on your garage door in spring

Keeping up with the indicators that your garage door could need maintenance is the best way to keep costly repairs from happening. There are a few things to continue watching and listening for when you are in your garage.

Check for odd sounds: Close and open the garage door three times using the door opener button. There shouldn’t be any grinding, hitching or jumping when it closes and opens. Creaking or straining is normal in an old door.

Unusual movement: The garage door shouldn’t jump on the tracks or speed up and slow down. This is a fast indicator of a faulty part in the garage door system

Perform a balance test: Using the emergency release cord pull open the garage door. It should remain balanced at the open position without rolling closed. Pull the garage door closed until it suspends itself on the way down. It should be able to balance at 4 feet above the ground.

Confirm that the garage door sensors are working: Walk into your photo-eye sensors by breaking the path with an object. These are sensors attach to the lower track of your door. If the door does not stop the sensors need to be adjusted


Garage Door Maintenance

Clean garage in winter

Spring maintenance is required after the brutal winters we have the United States. Performing a check every season or twice in spring and fall is the best way to keep your garage door functioning as an asset to your home for years to come.

Damaged weather stripping: The weather stripping is located below the door and the ground where it creates a seal. It is important for keeping water, weather and animals out of the garage. Make sure that seal does not have cracking, pieces missing or is dry rotted.Garage door sensors alignment and safety

Loose bolts on the tracks: Any fastener that holds down your tracks needs to be tight and flush on your garage door system. Make sure there is no loose bolts and screws on the tracks, garage door struts or operator mount

Worn or frayed cables: Cables keep the door on the track when in motion. When they fray or rust they weaken and can snap. Replace these cables as soon as possible as the door can fall when this happens.

Check the garage door operator: The garage door operator is held in by perforated steel angle. It is important to check all the bolts and screws holding the operator to your garage’s ceiling. The operator is the brain of your system. Make sure it stay secure

Keep your garage door working smoothly!

As summer approaches, make sure your garage door will keep up with your summer activities. Call your local expert and get a free inspection on the status of your garage door before an emergency strikes!