Helping Customers Purchase A Garage Door

According to many garage door professionals, consumers should typically replace their garage door every 20 years. When working with a customer on a garage door replacement, here are some things to keep in mind:

White, new garage doors, for two cars, in a new large cottage

Determine the budget and project scope

Depending on the size, material and insulation of the door, a single garage door replacement could cost up to $5,000. Try to provide a quote in person so you properly understand your customer’s needs and garage requirements.

Work with the customer on their style of door

With so many garage door options, try to figure out the look your customer is going for: rustic, contemporary, industrial, and so on. Certain styles of doors will require reinforcements and  extra support including steel strut and angle. Also consider the area of the country the customer is located in and what the weather may be like in that area. Significant weather events such as tornadoes and hurricanes require stronger, reinforced garage doors.

Determine the material of the door

These construction materials can vary between insulation rating, costs, and benefits.

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Fiber Glass
  • Composite Wood
  • Vinyl
  • Other

There are many types of materials that can be used for garage doors. Work with your customer to find out what materials best fit the style they are going for. As mentioned above, certain materials may need steel strut and angle for reinforcement and support to withstand use and certain weather conditions. Perf angle is used to hang the garage door opener while steel strut provides structural support to new doors – especially for those living in areas prone to high-winds.

Determine if the door will be insulated

This ties in to the topic of door material and is an important factor when determining which garage door your customer will want to install. Some materials have a higher insulation rating, while other are very low. You may also be located in an area where this is not a concern for your customers.

Installing the garage door

Some customers may want to install their garage door themselves. If this is the case, make sure they have the proper tools and are aware of the tedious details that need to be followed. Be a resource for them if they need tips and assistance.

If you have any other tips and tricks for working with customers on choosing which garage door to install, let us know in the comments or by sending an email to