Prepare the Garage for Cold Weather!

Winterizing Your Garage

As leaders in the garage door industry, cold weather months mean preparing your customers’ garage doors for the brutal temperature swings so when spring comes around – you won’t be fixing problems that the winter months brought.

Here are some tips to give your customers peace of mind during winter:

  1. Weather Stripping: Does your garage feel a little breezy? Walk around the garage and feel for any air that might be seeping through between the door, frame and ground areas. If you do feel air, either replace the stripping or fix it where you can to ensure a good seal as well as easy operation of the garage door. Contact your local garage door repairman if you are unsure of how to do this.
  2. Insulation: Insulating your garage not only keeps you warmer during colder months (especially if you work in your garage regularly), but it also lowers energy bills and restricts street noise. There are many ways to insulate the garage, so choosing the right type of insulation for your needs is key. Three commonly used insulation types are batt insulation, foam board insulation and reflective insulation. Most insulation projects are very easy to do yourself, or you can hire it out to a garage door company that specializes in this area. For more information on the different types of insulation, and how to install it yourself, check out this post from HouseLogic.
  3. Preventative Maintenance: Doing a quick walk around your garage door can help you determine if you have any issues with your garage door tracks and/or garage door hardware. This is a great time to clean up and fix any areas that might have worn down or gotten dirty throughout the year. Double check that your hinges, shafts, wheels, angle and strut are safely in place and operating correctly. Make sure your springs are well lubricated (side note: use the recommended lubrication as determined by the manufacturer). Finally, clean out your garage door tracks, removing any debris or oil that might have accumulated throughout the year.

Since the winter months are slower sales months for garage door companies, a great way to drum up new business is to offer free inspections. This gets your team out in the field talking to customers and seeing what the major garage door issues are at the moment.

As always, GarageWorks Steel is here to support your business during these cold months and can help you with any of your garage door strut and angle needs. Check out our product offering here.