Increase Productivity in Your Garage Door Business

Increase Productivity

In your business, time is money. You might be exceptionally busy, but that might not equate to real economic growth or strength. According to IDA, productivity is measured as the quantity of goods and services created by the number of labor hours used to produce that output. So where does this put the garage door industry? The weakest productivity is the construction industry, where garage door installers and manufacturers are placed.

You don’t want to be wasting time rescheduling appointments, overbooking your employees or manually entering items (and managing).  Check out some of our tips below to overcome these productivity challenges.

Automation: You might not be able to automate the installation of a garage door, but you can automate the processes behind this installation or the actual components of the garage door. For example, making sure your scheduling is being done through an automated, online source (check out our blog post on streamlining scheduling here for some ideas).  This can also help with labor overlap. These tools can help you determine how many people you need at the job site, reducing overlap in labor and multiple supervising layers. Other ways to automate include the manufacturing of garage door parts such as doors, windows and entry systems.

Technology: Introducing technology helps streamline your business and increase innovation. For example, a project management tool for inventory control. Implementing a tool or process for inventory management allows you to reduce costs and waste associated with either over-ordering or falling short on needed product. Other ways to use technology throughout your business are more product-based and include 3D printing, laser scanning and the use of remote-controlled equipment. 3D printing is a great way to promote the innovation of new garage door products. Instead of using costly materials to test a concept, try 3D printing it. This will lead to innovation without the increased costs.

If you are still having trouble with productivity and don’t know where to start, hire an outside source to help you implement lean production. This will give you the tools you need to eliminate waste and improve efficiency.

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